A8B7O24 - type B - six - party perovskite ceramics is a new system of medium permittivity microwave dielectric ceramics, which is becoming more and more popular. The structure characteristics of A8B7O24 six - type perovskite ceramics were introduced, and the structure and the microwave dielectric properties of the ceramics were summarized. Based on nike Cortez Canada the existing problems in the research, nike Cortez Classic the future research directions of this kind of ceramics are discussed.. The vacuum evaporation process of Mg cathode and Ag cathode was discussed, and nike Cortez Toronto the pressure of Mg was increased rapidly at 85A, but the Mg atom was not evaporated onto the substrate. With the pressure drop to the pressure value of 2.6 * 10-3Pa, the Mg atoms are evaporated onto the glass substrate, which is different from other metal cathode materials such nike Cortez Shoes Canada as Ag. It is also found that heat treatment can make the Mg film more compact, the surface roughness decreases, and the adhesive force increases.. Objective: To observe the effect of modified guizhijiahoupoxingzi Decoction clinical efficacy of the treatment of cough variant asthma. Methods: 100 cases were randomly divided into treatment group (60 cases) and control group (40 cases), treatment group treated by Guizhi Houpo Xingzi Tang Jiawei, and those in control group were given aminophylline tablets, inhalation fluorine propanoic acid and fluticasone propionate, a course of 2 weeks. Results: the total effective rate nike Cortez 2015 of the treatment group was significantly different from Nike Cortez that of the control group (P%26lt; 0.05 or P%26lt; 0.01), and the adverse reaction and recurrence rate were significantly lower than those in the control group (P%26lt; 0.05).



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