Coaching Requirements

The Hawks Athletic Club is committed to having fully certified and qualified instructors (coaches) on the ice from our grassroots divisions of Discovery and Timbits up through to our Peewee division. In order to participate in league play, teams are required by Hockey Alberta regulations to have properly certified coaches, as outlined below:

  Respect in Sport - Coach Coach 1 - Intro to Coach Coach 2 - Coach Level Safety Checking Skills
Initiation All team officials One team official per 10 players   One team official per 10 players  
Novice All team officials Head Coach   One team official  
Atom All team officials   Head Coach One team official Head Coach
Peewee All team officials   Head Coach One team official Head Coach

Please help us by taking these courses so that we can continue to utilize your expertise as qualified and certified members of our coaching staff. You will need to register and pay online with your credit card, but the cost of these course(s) will be reimbursed to you upon successful completion of the course(s).

Although only head coaches are required to have certain courses (Safety, Coach 1/2, Checking Skills), the Hawks Athletic Club strongly recommends that assistant coaches also take these courses to ensure that we always have fully qualified coaches on our benches.

Police Information Check

All coaches and assistant coaches that are rostered to a team MUST have a Police Information Check done (including the Vulnerable Sector Search Check). These are valid for a period of three years. In order to simplify the process, and to avoid our members having to go to the EPS Police Information Check Office during work hours, the Hawks will host a couple of evenings in the fall designated “Police Information Check Nights.” Our registrar will contact the coaches and assistant coaches who require a Police Information Check.

How to Register for Coach Courses:

1. Respect in Sport - COACH ($31.50)

NOTE: this is a totally different course from Respect in Sport - PARENT. Respect in Sport - COACH is a mandatory course and a requirement for you to be on the ice. Doing the course also ensures that you are insured against all injury to yourself or to others.


1. Go to the Respect in Sport Coach website:

2. You will have to set up an "eHockey" account, which will keep track of all of the courses that you do. When you register your name, please register it exactly as you have given the Hawks Athletic Club. Do not abbreviate your first name (i.e., Josh instead of Joshua or Matt instead of Matthew). Do not add your middle name. IMPORTANT: if you do the course with a name other than that above, the course will not "attach itself" to your profile. You will have created a duplicate profile and this confuses things.

3. When asked to "associate yourself with an organization," please scroll through the list of names until you come to HAWKS ATHLETIC CLUB. Some guys don't scroll down far enough and end up picking Edmonton Ice Hawks (whoever they are). If you do that it means that you have just registered yourself as a coach with a totally different organization than the Hawks Athletic Club.

2. SAFETY Course ($49.35)

After the Respect in Sport COACH is completed, we strongly encourage you to do the online course called "SAFETY". In order for our teams/groups to remain qualified to be on the ice, we are required to have one coach for every 10 kids that have the SAFETY qualification on their profile. Please do this course as we desperately need SAFETY qualified coaches, especially on our Initiation ice. This is an online course that takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Here is the link for the online Safety Course:

3. COACH 1 & 2

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach shows coaches how to teach hockey’s basic skills while keeping the theme of their practices with an emphasis on fun and fundamentals. We are required to have one coach for every 10 kids at the initiation level that has Coach 1. Additionally, head coaches for Novice are required to take this course.

Coach 2 - Coach Level is a required course for head coaches from Atom level and up.


Both courses have the same online portion called HU-ONLINE COACH 1/2 (takes approximately 4 hours to complete):

After completing the online course, you must register for the in-person session (4 hours in class and 1.5 hours on ice) at the appropriate level (either Coach 1 or 2). Please note that these sessions often fill up very quickly, so plan ahead and complete the online work as soon as possible.


All head coaches from atom level and up are required to have this course. There is an online portion called HU-ONLINE CHECKING (takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete):

After completing the online course, you must register for the in-person session (1.5 hours in class and 1.5 hours on ice).

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